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October 3, 2011 / Angela McCuiston

Music Strong is Getting a Makeover

If you haven’t noticed yet, my main site, is looking different these days!  The original site was just a placeholder until I could find a program I liked and since I like WordPress so much, I decided to go with them for re-doing the Music Strong site.

If you go visit it now, you’ll notice there’s a lot missing, but don’t worry, that information will be coming back as soon as I can get to it.  A quick shout-out to Jonathan Nation for the work he has done so far.  Jonathan has been invaluable in helping me start my business!  Not only did he help me come up with the name Music Strong, he has set up the new website for me with what’s there now.  So if you like his work, check out his website, or his podcast/website – he’s in it for entrepreneurs and wants to help them out.  So if you’d like some help or some infomation, check out what he’s done on my site so far and then go check out his stuff; he does a great job!


You’ll see on the new website that my blog posts here also show up over there (which is really nice!)  and I will also be adding other things as time goes on: Bio, Store where you can buy not only training packages with me, but boot camp classes, Flute information, etc.

So, keep a lookout, things are changing and the site will be complete in no time!

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