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October 17, 2011 / Angela McCuiston

New Website, New Blog

For a long time, my business, Music Strong, had a very sad website, if you ever visited it.  That is, until recently.  If you go to and check it out now – things look VERY different.  One of the great things about that site is that it allows me to import my blog posts from here onto that site, so you’ll see all the posts that are here, over there. And, since it makes sense to have things in one place, I will gradually be transitioning things more and more to writing my blog posts and posting them at  They will be under the different categories of fitness, flute, etc. but I wanted to let you guys know, the ones to subscribe, the ones who find me via Google searches and however else you find me, that all my content is over at the main site.

So, check it out, read the  posts, leave feedback and I’ll continue to bring you the best information I can.  In fact, I have a post up right now over there called “Supplements for General Health” – seems to be a question I get a lot and having worked for 2 years at The Vitamin Shoppe, believe me I heard every question in the book about supplements, so that post should help clear some things up.

So come see me on my new site, browse around, read the articles, check out the store, share with your friends and leave me some feedback!  I’ll be adding things almost daily as I go along, so check back frequently.


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