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October 10, 2012 / Angela McCuiston

Flute Day 2012

Check out the Brochure! flute day brochure

Flute Day is November 3, 2012 and will be held at Altus Flutes in Mt. Juliet, TN. They will have Altus, Azumi and Jupiter flutes, piccolos, altos and basses available to play and try.

This Flute Day is really focused on middle schoolers and high schoolers, and what’s important to them, though anyone is invited to come. I am very blessed to have Dr. Roger Martin from Tennessee Technological University (my alma mater!), Dr. Deanna Little from Middle Tennessee State University and Dr. Jessica Dunnavant from Belmont University and the Music City Baroque coming to share their wisdom and knowledge.


8:30 Registration (if you haven’t already registered here) and goody bag handout

9:00 Welcome and Physical Warm Up

9:30 Flute Warm Up and Scales

10:00 Tone Production

10:30 Phrasing

11:00 Sight Reading

11:30 Performance Anxiety Management (aka: how to perform well when you’re nervous)

12:00 Break for lunch and to try the Altus/Azumi/Jupiter flutes and piccolos

12:45 Open masterclass of prepared pieces (3 volunteers) with Dr. Martin and Dr. Little

2:15 Joint flute choir!

3:00 END


Cost for the day is $25 if you pre-register, $30 if you register on-site, so avoid the lines and the extra money and register early!

If you would like to be on the email list for more details about Flute Day, Music Strong OR Flute lessons (you can choose on the sign up page), you can sign up here:

Love to hear your thoughts and comments and hope to see you there – help us get the word out!

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