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Fitness Services

As you can see, fitness occupies not only a large part of my life, but I’ve made it my mission to educate others (especially musicians) on its benefits, merits and downright necessity to improving our playing.  Being in good physical condition means more than just having healthy lungs, lower body fat and a strong cardiovascular system; having a strong musculature system, balanced posture and ease of movement is just as critical, if not more so, to being able to play our instruments.

We all desire endurance in the practice room and on stage, yet few of us do anything outside of the practice room to work on attaining it.  I’m here to educate all of us in the various modalities of fitness and body awareness; this is why I call myself a Musician Health Coach.  You have to be aware of your body, use your body well and also have a STRONG body in order to play your instrument and I employ all those techniques in my coaching and in my teaching.

Of course, I don’t just blog for musicians.  I’m passionate about fitness and dispelling fitness myths, so I also write for fitness enthusiasts everywhere, to help them sort out the truth from the fiction and lead them to the things that will help them most.

Services I Offer As a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT)

I offer one-on one personal training

  • in-home locally
  • in-home or on-site nationally
  • over the internet.

I also offer group training – while not in a group class format, if you and a friend/spouse/sibling,etc. would feel more comfortable training together I offer those types of training sessions at a reduced rate. Please contact me for details.

In addition to personal training, I will soon be launching Beach Body Bootcamps on Panama City Beach!  Come blast away your fat on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  Details are coming soon, please contact me for details.


If you are interested in finding out more about what I do and perhaps educating your flute studio, flute club or having me talk at your flute day or other event, I have availabilities for workshops, presentations and lectures.  These can also be combined with a masterclass and/or recital to give your flute studio/club a well rounded experience. A new website is coming soon, please bear with me on the layout of my current training website:

Personal Training Website: http://MusicStrong.Com

Interested in booking me for a weekend?  Angela brochure copy 1   Workshop rate sheet

(these will be changing and updated soon!)
Sign up for my free email newsletter and get lots more information from me:
Sign up for our free newsletter!

I look forward to hearing from you!


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